Queer Romance Series That Aren’t All M/M or All F/F: A List (In Progress)

With much help from Twitter (thank you!) I have compiled a list of series that can be described like so:

  • Adult genre romance (or series with significant romance sub-plots)
  • Predominantly queer (at least one main character in almost every book is somewhere under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella)
  • Composed of books not all M/M or all F/F (sometimes called “mixed orientation”)
  • Each book is a new love story rather than following one couple or group through multiple books. (I made a few semi-exceptions because reasons.)

I have not read all of these books. This is simply an index.

Apologies in advance for any errors or omissions; will fix as notified. Contact me or DM me on Twitter!

So without further ado:

Links are to the Goodreads series page. Coding of romances by gender identity isn’t a great system in some ways, but I think workably relevant for the purposes of this list. F/M relationships below have at least one MC who is LGBTQIA+, unless otherwise noted.



Science Fiction

Fantasy / Historical Paranormal

Contemporary Paranormal

Did I miss a series? Did you spot a mistake? Get in touch: Contact me or DM me on Twitter!